Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. I have seen other personality assessments, like DiSC, Meyer-Briggs, Insight, ColorCodes, CASP.
    What is the difference with B.A.N.K. ?
  2. All these other personality assessments are great. They are fantastic, because they give you a better insight in how YOU are, react and behave. They are about you, as a person.
    B.A.N.K. is different. B.A.N.K. focuses on the person you are talking TO.
    Be it your spouse, your customer, your prospect, your employee, your employer, your boss, your hairdresser, your children.... anyone we talk to.

  3. So what is B.A.N.K. about ?
    B.A.N.K. is a registered trademark and there is something like "intellectual property", so we can't go into too many details here.
    What we can say is this : We all know there are 4 main personality types. We found a way to discover someone's personality type in 90 seconds or less. Now that we know this, we know how to give most value to the other person.

  4. How could B.A.N.K. be useful for me ?

TIP : Did you know the 2 main reasons why people file for divorce ? It's for money and communication. Usually a lack of money or non efficient communication. B.A.N.K. solves both of them. In simple steps. Can you imagine what impact you could have if you could help lower divorce rates ? The joy and luck you would bring to people. Help to educate the world about this. Get involved. We are looking for leaders to spread the message.

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